Spare Parts at TecShop

TecShop keeps for sale a large assortment of original Spareparts from notable manufacturers of almost every mobile Computing's market segment and, of course, Smartphones. Everyone who uses a Laptop or a Smartphone productively as working equipment knows how aggravating and, in the worst case, expensive the breakdown is. Also it is unimaginable to manage the daily grind without a Laptop or a Smartphone. It happens so fast, that the Display of the Device is damaged by a fall or that the sensitive electronic components are harmed by slopped fluids. In these cases it is crucial, to have a capable, personal contact person, who is routined and has the best contacts to his suppliers and therefore can guarantee a fast access to original spare parts. With our long lasting experience in repairing Laptops adn Smartphones, we can counsel you with the help of your error description quickly on the telephone or via E-Mail. Personal consulting, fast carrying out and highest quality of service as well as the addiction to perfectionism are the attributes that our customers appreciate